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Parents of Challenger students must be actively involved in their students' education and fully engaged in school events and activities. At least one parent per family is required to join us at each of the following: Freshman Intake Session, Open House, Quarterly Parent Meetings(4), and four parent volunteer hours per year.

Parent Student Organization (PSO)

All parents are members of the Parent Support Organization (PSO) upon enrolling their student. Membership requirement includes the expected volunteer hours per family each year and paying the yearly fee. Opportunities for further involvement include volunteering more than your expected hours for your family, an elected PSO position, and fundraising to support the ongoing work of the PSO for the staff and students.  Through our fundraising efforts we support academics, athletics and clubs. Parents are able to donate money and supplies,  but more importantly, they are encouraged to donate ideas and time.  Parents can continue to positively influence their kids with an example of service and by committing to help the faculty and staff.  

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PSO Officials

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Tiffany Hightower


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September 10
October 8
November 12
December 10
January 7
February 11
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May 13

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